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Underwater Photographer in School of Fish

Resilient WAys

Coastal Resilience Research


The Resilient WAys program seeks to build a more resilient, sustainable Western Australia and a more resilient world. We draw on a wide range of scientific theories and methods to advance the state of knowledge about coastal social-ecological systems and develop tools for their governance and management.

Our journey began in  June 2023, with funding from the Western Australia Premier's Science Program to Prof. Graeme Cumming and Dr. Abbie Rogers.

We currently have two central programs:


Program 1: Protected areas, social-ecological feedbacks, and coastal resilience

Program 2: Risk and resilience in coastal management

Our Aims

1. Understand the social, ecological, economic, and biophysical processes that connect people and nature in the coastal zone;

2. Explore the interactions and feedbacks that drive  coastal social-ecological system dynamics, and their implications for resilience;  

3. Translate coastal science into relevant information and support for governance and management.

Innovative Research

Collaborative Partnerships

Community Engagement

Sunset at Water

"The coast is a place where religion and science meet."

John Andrew Holmes

Where to find us

 IOMRC Building, Fairway, Crawley, WA 6009

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